March 26, 2004

Published By on March 26th, 2004 in Historic

Maple sap is flowing at the Edge. I haven’t got time to boil today, but the weekend should be yummy. We’ve planned a slew of paddling experiences by canoe and kayak this summer. I hope that all works out.

Over the past week I’ve been making major uploads to to buy adwords with . We’re quite happy with the progress so far and hope for significant traffic to our our revamped web site in the next few months.

We had another inquiry on our Newfoundland Sea Kayak Trip today. I sure hope we get one more person to join us on this excursion. The people in Newfoundland are unlike any others in the world.

Very friendly although difficult to understand for a few days.

The spring thaw at the Edge should be on for good now. Although it snowed a ton last weekend, 5 inches, we’re looking forward to full on boiling weather. – sap again.

Burned two batches already this year. Hopefully replacing my watch will ensure that that doesn’t happen again.