Snow Tires

Published By on April 6th, 2004 in Historic

Time to get the snow tires off my car today. We got shocked last weekend with three inches of snow and temps back in the -10’s C, but I think we’re through the worst of it.

I’m heading to North Bay to have them make the switch at the dealer, because no one locally in South River is capable of easily changing the 17 inch rims. Alas.

The last few kms of road to the edge should be sloppy for a few weeks. The drains got plugged up and the water had nowhere to run except across the road. Makes for a nice slalom course of ruts if you’re into it.

Last year one section of the road was entirely washed away for a few days. A two foot wide and deep scar made the road impassable unless you carried some two by eights in your car and had the nerve to try to line up the tires. Nothing like that yet this year….. yet. It seems April is the worst time of the year for the roads. Sometimes makes you feel like just pulling up a chair and boiling sap.

Speaking of which, we’re expecting a decent run over the next few days as temps moderate and the sun shines.

Spring is a magical time of the year. The snow melts and tiny spring flowers begin to show themselves. Soon the smell of earthiness returns to the land and before you know it, all is green and you can’t see the forest cabins from the lodge. Not here yet though, last week got the spring fever going and we got a bit lazy with keeping the fireplace going. As a result we’ve had some chilly mornings in the lodge.

Did you see the full moon last night. Ahhhhh. Amazing.

See you soon,