Coffee & Good Food

Published By on April 26th, 2004 in Edge Insider

I sometimes take for granted some of the wonderful food and drink I enjoy at our home, Northern Edge Algonquin. Recently visiting another outdoor facility for a symposium on experiential education, Martha & I came away with this proclamation:

“We will not leave home again without bringing some of our terrifically tasty organic fair trade coffee!”

When we leave our everyday surroundings it can make us aware of what really special things we appreciate about being home. Since being spoiled on our coffee, I find it impossible to enjoy coffee in a Tim Hortons, hotel, restaurant or other location that doesn’t serve quality coffee.

During Martha and my weekend together we came to appreciate our food and the attention and care that goes into providing delicious, soul food. It’s easy to be numbed into a sense of complacency about poor quality food. It’s available everywhere. When we put a few overpowering taste-enhancers on our takeout meal or in a restaurant it really does reflect something of the quality of food we’re eating. Thank you to our kitchen staff who put the time and energy into meal preparation that results in food that tastes wonderful and energizes us.


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