Welcoming Liz Jones

Published By on April 5th, 2004 in Historic

As Northern Edge Algonquin heads into the summer, we’d like to announce that Liz Jones has joined the team.

Congrats Liz, looking forward to sharing a wonderful summer at the Edge with you.

and in other news…. have you checked out our Crossword Puzzle yet. It rocks. Look for a new puzzle each season.

I highly recommend having a peak at all the new events this year. It’s sure to be a fun one. Get in the water and join in the fun.

By the way, yesterday, April 4th, I went out for what was to be the last ice skate of the season. It turned out to be the first swim of the season if you know what I mean. Really, it was a swim. You might think me silly for such bravado, but it’s been downright chilly for the past three days. Sap is all boiled up and I’m waiting for another run, so I just thought I’d take a chance.

So far we’ve made over two gallons of Syrup, all in smaller containers. It’s definitely Grade A. I’m sure Greg will appreciate me doing the final boil on the kitchen deck as all that sweet sappy steam works its way into the roof. Hopefully we won’t be battling bees this summer. I should take a picture and upload it so you can see our rig! There now. Click Here. I’m not pictured but our rig is…. and helping hands from Sir Sandford Fleming College Ecotourism Management Course.

Anway… First swim of the season, April 4th. Beat that Greg.

Ciao for now,