Back On!

Published By on May 20th, 2004 in Edge Insider

Wahoo! It is amazing how good it feels to feel good. Sometimes it takes being out of sorts for a while to appreciate how wonderful it is to have health. My back is back!

The roof on Points North is springing forth with new growth. Soon the waves of wildflowers will be casting shadows into the rooms below. In the forest, wildflowers are springing forth. Beautiful red trillium, delicate spring beauties (forground of pic) and hesitant speckle-leaved trout lilies vie for attention.

This weekend is traditionally the time when black flies reach their peak. Walking through the forest is quite enjoyable, but at this time of year we don’t take too long to smell the flowers. There is great excitement in town as all kinds of people are engaged in the great black fly hunt. Take a peak at this cute site with audio tips from World Champion Black Fly Hunter, Rusty Perkins. Todd’s been busy arranging banners, awards, and events to coincide with the official weigh in at noon on June 5th. Be sure to visit if you have a chance.