Black Fly Hunt Weigh in this week.

Published By on May 31st, 2004 in Edge Insider

All over Canada, people are hearing about the South River Black Fly Hunt. Our beloved Rusty Perkins, World Champion Black Fly Hunter, was featured on CTV and some outlets across Canada, including Calgary even featured the story!!

As the spring hunt nears its end,here on the edge of Algonquin Park (Northern Edge Algonquin – Home) the Black Flies are out on the prowl. We all take it in stride, because we know they are here to make sure the birds are happy (lots of protien) and the plants including blueberries are fertilized.

Many locals don’t use any protection against the black fly, but some wear locally made bug shirts with a fine mesh that keeps the bugs at bay. Others use products which contain deet. Incidentally I was speaking with a friend in Toronto recently who went to school with a child of the originator of MUSKOL brand deet repellant. His last name was KOL for those who are interested.

I’ve been using Off Botanicals formula which has no deet and has been working remarkably well. For those who take my word for it and head to the drug store to pick some up, be forwarned…. the stuff is two-three times the cost of deet based products. But, hey, it smells good, works, and won’t harm my dna.

For those in the city, who may join us in the Blue Sky Region this summer, you should know we are doing our part to enhance your stay with the black fly hunt. Visit to learn more. The big weigh in is this Saturday and we’re hoping the national media give the event all the attention it deserves. Full report forthcoming.


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