Commitment Kept and Power Full!

Published By on May 11th, 2004 in Edge Insider

I got up with the sun and paddled my kayak for the first time this year. I kept the commitment I made to myself to get on the water today.

Busy bees were at work around the lodge today. Kim and Liz have been staining the gazebo, checking the tents and other equipment, and Brian May has been power washing the windows. Power at the lodge is peaking, the batteries are full. It’s a nice time of the year with the long, long days, the batteries are regularly full of power from our 22 solar panels. I’ve been scoping out the lakefront and considering (in very early stages) if we should add wind power later this year. It seems silly to think about adding capacity for power at a time when we have all we need, but the shorter days will come back later this year, of that I’m pretty sure.

We’ve got a 50′ tower behind the lodge that has no use at present so later this spring we’ll take it down. At one point in time it was important for telephone communications antenna, but since we now use the internet phone via satellite out at the lodge, there is no need for the tower. It is just about high enough to reach above the trees at the east side of the property near the lake, so if we can find an economically priced wind generator, we may set it up.