Forest Surprises

Published By on May 27th, 2004 in Edge Insider

Still lots of trout lilies, red trillium and spring beauties in the forest at the Edge of Algonquin Park this week. The leaf-out of the maples, raspberries and ferns challenges forest walkers to keep a keen look out for late blooming forest flowers.

Yesterday, Martha and I were rewarded with the first sighting in the neighbourhood of a white trillium, pictured at right. Our forest is full of red trillium and over ten years we’ve never seen a white one.

Also unfolding are fiddleheads – ferns. Lots of local people enjoy these delicacies, but we just let them grow.

Bear, moose and deer sightings in the neighbourhood have been few in the past week. It seems the cool weather has kept bug populations a bit lower than normal so the animals aren’t seeking respit from the black fly torment by walking on the roads. I’ll keep my camera at the ready and snap a photo of a moose for this blog in the next week.