Springing Forth

Published By on May 6th, 2004 in Edge Insider

I walked the lakefront today and was delighted to see the buds on the birches springing forth. Wildflowers in the garden have made their commitment to grow. Spring peepers fill the early evening air with song. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

It’s also time for the forest animals to make their presence known. A family of foxes lives just over the hill and very often on my way to town at this time of the year we see mom and her offspring at the edge of the forest. Last night on my drive from town I encountered a black bear lumbering across the road. Closer to the lodge I saw a few deer at the side of the road. At this time of year, driving becomes a bit more challenging as soon moose will come out of the bush to get away from the bugs. Driving slowly isn’t just good advice, it can save your life in the case of moose.

We hope you are taking time to spring forth new growth in your life as we prepare the way with our own spring cleaning. Here is a picture of the lake from just behind and above the lodge.