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Published By on June 16th, 2004 in Edge Insider

We’re Back Blogging.

Our web servers were recently moved to provide better service, but it resulted in a blogless week. We hope to make that up to you with a few timely notes on what is new and natural.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtails came to a bright existence earlier this week. Small clusters of the yellow and black butterflies could be seen drying their wings in meadowy areas, not far from the woods. These dancing butterflies seem to dart this way and that with each wingbeat.

The Green Darner Dragon Flies, among others took to the air the exact same day as the swallowtails. Clouds of green darners must have walked ashore from their muddy homes in the lake in the evening. Then over a period of a few hours they cast off their shells via a hatchback and dry their wings with the sunshine (see the carapice in the background as this dragon fly with broken wing sits in the sun). Often at this time of the year in the early morning you can catch a glimpse of dragon flies drying their wings before taking flight and chasing down black flies and mosquitoes to eat. They are doing a fine job contributing to our enjoyment of the outdoors.