Canada’s Own

Published By on June 2nd, 2004 in Edge Insider

This morning I was scrambling for my digital camera as mother and father Canada goose and three little fluffy goslings paddled by the lodge, just a few feet from shore. It was one of those moments when I debate, should I just soak this in or run and take a picture of them.

I waited and soaked it in.

Soaked it in some more as the heads bobbed forward and back as they paddled by. Still, I had a few minutes to grab a snapshot! I dashed upstairs and could not locate my camera until many minutes later, the geese were gone.

I tried to please you, the avid Algonquin Park blog reader by catching a snapshot of this moment, and in the process, I only grasped half of what was truly blissful. Next time, I’ll have the camera at my side, or not and I’ll enjoy the moment either way.

It’s a terrific day today. Sunny and crisp. Martha and I enjoyed a walk before heading to the office and I feel alive. I hope you do too!