Crystal Bowls Still Ringing My Heart’s Still Singing

Published By on June 21st, 2004 in Circle Stories From The Heart

I woke up this morning, feeling completly full. I don’t think it’s from the fantastic food that was served up this past weekend, although it was scruptious. The fullness I feel is from giving and receiving. I just finished facilitating my first Basic Shamanism Retreat weekend, and I have a deep sense of gratitude for all the people that have made that happen for me. The Edge has been 11 years in the making, and I have been training for 11 years for this moment. The weekend was rich and rewarding, and the participants clearly received far beyond their expectations. We journeyed to meet our power animals in the lower world, and our teachers in the upper world. We played shamanic hide and go seek as we tracked one another in the worlds. We explored the middle world by finding someone hiding on the property. Outside in various locations, we called in the ancestors, spirits of the land, nature spirits and all of the elements; earth, air, fire and water using a simple ritual that paricipants got through journeying. We learned how to journey on behalf of another person, and read a rock for an answer to a question. Travelling in a Spirit Canoe, we all journeyed together to ask for a healing for one of the members of the circle who was in need of healing. Medicine for the Earth

On Saturday night, we were bathed by heavenly music played by one of the participants David Hickey, with his partner Sandra Yeaman. David and Sandra brought and played crystal bowls of various sizes, as I lead participants on a journey to connect with their divinity. All in all, it was a rich, full and rewarding weekend, and I wait in anticipation for the next opportunity to share…..Martha Martha

“It’s not what we do, but who we become that changes the world.”
~ Sandra Ingerman,

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