Flying Squirrel

Published By on June 3rd, 2004 in Edge Insider

Liz Jones, our new adventure manager and guide had a flying squirrel on her shoulder for a few minutes yesterday. It was quite a surprise to say the least. Mama squirrel and a couple of babies were nesting on a shelf in the supply room.

Flying Squirrels are remarkable creatures softly soaring through the treetops in the evening. Thier very large black eyes are specially adapted to night time and this nocturnal squirrel is rarely seen during the day (unless one stumbles upon their nest Liz!).

Earlier this winter, we had flying squirrels at our bird feeder in the dark at dinner time. One of the squirrels let us open the window and stroke its tail, not afraid in the least.

Liz’s encounter was a trifle more of a surprise, and memorable to say the least. Liz hopes to share more memorable natural encounters in Algonquin Park on guided canoe trips in the upcoming weeks.