Greens get Green with Election Results

Published By on June 29th, 2004 in Edge Insider

The election was interesting to most Canadians due to its closeness in the days and weeks preceeding between the red and blue parties. The orange party added a bit of green to their logo and their celebrated leader garnered much media attention. The Bloc of course got their media attention where it was warranted, in Quebec.

Overlooked, and disregarded by most election coverage, the Green Party quietly came to life during the 2004 election when it counted, on Election Day. Although excluded from the TV debates, the Green Party garnered over half a million votes from Canadians all across Canada!!

On the Edge of Algonquin Park, there are 6 registered voters in poll 184 of Nipissing-Temiskaming (5 of them live here at the Edge and unashamedly vote Green). They took a little drive yesterday to get to the polls. Thankfully, the poll was recently moved to Trout Creek from Mattawa, now just a 30 minute drive, instead of 90 minutes.

With the Greens receiving almost 4% of ballots cast across the country, the federal Green Party will now qualify for funding in the amount of @ ONE MILLION DOLLARS. This is an amazing boon to those who support government that looks at the role of elected officials as having to balance environmental, socialogical, health and wellness, and economic issues on an equal plane.

The funding will enable the Greens for the first time to get organized to make a real impact the next federal election.

It is interesting to note that Canada’s Broadcasting Company web site gives little attention to the Green party performance lumping their votes in with “Other” so as to justify excluding the Greens from the national televised debate. I find this upsetting. See for yourself . I took a moment of my time to let the CBC know I was unhappy about this by completing their web feedback form and encourage you to do the same.

Over my lifetime, I have seen the multi-party system grow into something quite unique in the world. Unfortunately, most support for policial parties in the country is regional, where economic and social needs motivate voters to side with one another creating clusters of similar coloured ridings on the results map. Different colours for different regions.

The Green Party represents a broad base of voters, and offers something to Canadians right across the country, a vision that isn’t based on what people want to hear today to get elected, a vision that supports sustainability for generations.

Hopefully with the well earned recognition the party will be receiving in the not too distant future, the party will lure some aspiring talented politicians who will inspire Canadians to join a small but growing movement to vote “for” something, instead of against.