On Safari: Bears and Turtle Eggs

Published By on June 22nd, 2004 in Edge Insider

Tim and I went on a driving adventure this morning. Backroads tour!

We happened upon a decimated turtle nest. A recent rain made it difficult to spot who the invader was, but it was likely a fox from the evidence.

Dozens of egg shells a bit smaller than ping pong balls were scattered about from two nests. There were three opaque eggs left in one of the nests about 10 inches below the surface. We covered these eggs over in the hopes that the snapping turtle yolk within, continue to develop and crawl to the surface to see the light of day in August.

A bit further along we came upon a bruin at the side of the road. Upon hearing us, he headed for the tree line. We stopped the car and turned off the engine and looked into the forest. To our surprise we could clearly see the bear’s head as he looked us over for a few minutes. The full size of the bear became apparent to us. We watched him amble along as he made quite a racket crashing through the branches on his way up the hill away from us. It was quite exciting as we really felt like we were on a safari.