Team Building with Appreciative Inquiry

Published By on June 3rd, 2004 in Compass Connections

Four team building components that we have been using over the past 8 years are crucial to creating meaningful, memorable, successful Corporate team building experiences for executive teams. By simple trial and error, we’ve found that ensuring there is Appreciative Inquiry time for Discovering (Adventure), Dreaming, Designing (Creative Expression), and Tribal Community Gathering we engage our guests in a way that is truly remarkable.

Yesterday, a departing executive team member remarked, “When we were finally going to get down to our concrete business planning today, I was doubtful we would accomplish what was needed, having spent a great deal of time on fun, seamingly unrelated activities. At the end of the day I am truly amazed at what we have accomplished and I feel full of energy, not depleted as I usually am at the end of a business planning session.”

Indeed these folks are headed toward a new year with a brighter outlook because they took the time to include each of these elements.

Just think about it: For your last executive retreat or team building session, how many of the above components were included? How successful was your event? Could it have been enhanced by adding an element or two?

Just do it: Regardless of the team building solution you seek, ensure the service provider takes the time to include the four cornerstones that result in 100% engagement of participants and produces real extra-ordinary results.