Comfy Temps Continue

Published By on July 6th, 2004 in Edge Insider

We’re greatly enjoying the mild temps this summer on the Edge of Algonquin Park. Sunny skys and 20-23 degrees C seems to be the norm. We’re hoping for more of the same as the summer moves on. Our first Quest for Balance retreat is this weekend and our first sea kayaking trip on Georgian Bay departs the following Thursday.

I’m very excited to be getting on the water myself for the first time this year with Greg on that Big Sky Sea Kayaking trip.

We’re excited to welcome Wendy MacCrimmon into the office this week. She’s getting a handle on all the neat experiences we’ve got planned this summer and we’re quite excited that she has climbed on board. Her expertise in Ecotourism from Sir Sandford Fleming is greatly appreciated and her cheery disposition is sure to make you feel welcome if you have a chance to speak with her on the phone or meet her on your visit to the Blue Canoe.

Our lodge computer hard drive crashed over the weekend. Totally disabled the lodge pc and although we’ve lost a number of images, we have a pretty good back up of our important documents so we will cope. It is refreshing to realize that it is a physical breakdown and not something caused by a virus. In the meantime, we’re all scrambling to make the most of the computer resources we have.

Also on that front, we’re finding all sorts of interesting hidden talents of Scott Shailer, one of our guides. Seems he’s fascinated with databases and the like and is helping us make the most of our computers for registration and reporting to be well prepared for our guests. That’s what working at the Edge is all about, finding your unique talents and fitting them in where they are needed most.

Scott rose to the occasion a few nights ago with the word “Qana”, to stave off a last minute comeback by yours truly in Scrabble. I’d like to serve notice to Scott that he should gloat while he can, because I’ll be better prepared next time. FYI, Quana is some type of tunnel or moat in the middle east according to the third edition Scrabble Dictionary by Mirriam Websters.