Looking Good, Naturally

Published By on July 23rd, 2004 in Edge Insider

I am continually impressed with how amazing people look when they haven’t been around a mirror for a few days, (present company excepted).  Our guests out on wilderness adventures with the sun on their face and wind in their hair are often concerned how they look. 

The truth is most of the time, people look marvelous.  Maybe its the fresh air, the clean water, the activity, the great food or the companionship of likeminded travellers.  Whatever it is, I really enjoy taking candid close ups of people when we’re out on trips in Algonquin Park or in Georgian Bay, and 99% of the time people are amazed at the outcome. 

Most people don’t like getting their picture taken and take lots of time to fuss with their hair, adjust their makeup etc.  In nature, we all look good.