Northern Lights – Algonquin Park

Published By on July 26th, 2004 in Edge Insider

A giant sunspot that has been ongoing for a week, has been delighting late night skywatchers near Algonquin Park, (and further afield) with a wonderful green aurora from time to time. The shimmering night light occassionally shooting 60 degrees hight on the horizon. Hopefully it will continue to delight over the next week or so. The moon is waxing towards a full crescent which can make the milky way a bit washed out for early evening sky watchers, but the summer stars are still putting on a good show as we’ve had clear skies for the past four nights.

On your visit to the Edge, be sure to pinhole me into giving you a brief sky tour of the major constellations and perhaps sharing some ancient tales of the stars or makimaking up our own.