Quest for Balance Guests meet Bernie

Published By on July 12th, 2004 in Edge Insider

Sunday morning had guests running for their cameras to get a shot of Bernie, the small black bear who has been visiting the past week. Once everyone had a chance to snap a pic, it was time to make some noise to frighten the small cub away.

Bears make their homes in the forests of Ontario, and they will travel far and wide to find food. Unfortunately, cottages and remote lodges usually have food and/or compost which can attract a bear.

Once a bear has found a reliable source, it is unlikely that he will leave. Thus, we are embarking on a mission to encourage Bernie to leave the area, lest one of our neighbours takes it upon himself to shoot him. The technique’s we are using to discourage Bernie include: keeping compost free of sweet fruity items, cleaning barbeque grills, and making a big noise and trying to show Bernie that we are bigger bears than he is.