Quest for Balance

Published By on July 8th, 2004 in Edge Insider

Our first of several very popular Quest for Balance Sea Kayaking and Yoga retreats at the Edge takes place this weekend. Guests are arriving as I type for three nights of adventure, relaxation, reflection and sharing.

The colourful kayaks line the beach in preparation for guests who will learn to paddle. It seems that canoeing is in the blood of each and every Canadian, but Kayaking is a different matter.

The closed shell can be a bit scary for the first time kayaker, but the thrill of being so low to the water and in personal control of your craft is hard to describe. For many sea kayakers, life as a canoeist quickly becomes a fading memory.

For myself, the sea kayak has become my access to the big sky of Georgian Bay. For at least two trips this summer I look forward to travelling with Greg to Snug Harbour to explore the Minks, Snake Island and other enticing islands near Kilbear Provincial Park. The first of these trips departs next Thursday! I just got a new camera, so I am most excited to snap some photos on our journey.