Blue Lake Evening Bliss

Published By on August 27th, 2004 in Edge Insider

The other day Martha and I headed out on one of our area bike rides. Although we often just roll around on the Forgotten Trails with no desination in mind, this day we decided to head to little Blue Lake, a few km outside Algonquin Park. Sometimes I am hesitant to head out in the early evening as it can get quite dark some nights.

This evening, although the sun was well down when we arrived at the lake, we were rewarded with a beautful pink sky, and we got home well before it got too dark. We usually take this trail for a ski in the winter time, so it was a different time of the year to visit Blue.

There are probably some natural spots in your neighbouhood that would welcome your visit. Take some time one evening or morning when it’s quiet and share a window on your world with me by email at [email protected] .