Bouy oh Bouy

Published By on August 28th, 2004 in Edge Insider

Martha and I were out on the lake setting up a program for this week when what to our wandering eyes disappeared, but a buoy we had placed a mere thirty minutes earlier in the water at an island we are using!

I forgot my notpad and pen to leave a note requesting the buoy be left in place until Monday, but I was too late. I guess we have a bunch of folks who don’t like to see things out of place, so they untied the green buoy, put it in their boat and motored off while Martha and I were clearing a trail nearby.

Lesson learned. Be prepared and take the time to communicate my intentions more clearly next time!

Greg and Vicki headed out for an overnight in Algonquin Park, enjoying the great resource we share with guests more often than we take the time to enjoy for ourselves. Thanks for the fine example!

It’s sunny n’ 21 degrees, so we’re loving our late August weather with lows about 10 degrees, and what about the growing full moon. It was breathtaking last night as it rose directly in front of the lodge casting a beautiful rippling light on the water. Can’t wait as it goes full on Sunday night! Hopefully it will be clear skies.