Published By on August 3rd, 2004 in Edge Insider

Todd and Martha went to North Bay last night for the finals of the Million Dollar Hole in One contest. It was quite exciting as I qualified for the finals and finished second among the 50 semi-finalists. Golf is an enjoyable escape, one that I have had little time to indulge in over the past ten years here at the edge.

However this year, I’ve taken my fair share of swings. It’s really about giving myself permission to take time to enjoy things that I enjoy. Over the past two winters snow boarding has taken root in my soul, displacing curling as the activity of choice. I used to think I didn’t have time to play, but now I make it a priority.

What do you need to step away from to make room for doing things you enjoy to do. For me it was as simple as replacing TV viewing with activity.

I hope you can make similar choices to enjoy the great outdoors in your world, if not, take a complete departure and come play in ours at the Edge of Algonquin Park.