Sounds, Footsteps, Sightings

Published By on August 30th, 2004 in Edge Insider

This past weekend I had the privilege of experiencing Craig Lake in late August. Through the misty mornings we paddled our canoes into small streams and lake in search of wildlife, wildflower and tranquility! We were delighted through out our days on Craig Lake to see many fascinating signs that proved to us that we were not alone. Some of our most exciting sightings were evidence of wolves and a bear that had been close by a few days before. My personal favorite was seeing a pair of otters on our portage, peaking over at us to catch a look at us strange humans carrying canoes on our heads! Another fascinating sight were the majestic loons keeping a close eye on our canoes, making sure we weren’t in close range of their young that are so incredibly cute! After long enought it is easy to take advantage of the beauty that surrounds the area you are in. A trip into Algonquin Park makes you realize just how breathtaking Ontario can really be!