Algonquin Park Birches

Published By on September 9th, 2004 in Edge Insider

I’m wondering about the birches in the Algonquin Park region. I’ve noticed a different sort of change in the colours this fall. The birch appear to be browning up, in contrast to their usual behaviour of staying green and turning a brighter shade of yellow, usually weeks after the maples have blazed into full colour. I’ve been researching the internet to see if anyone else has noticed the changes, but was only able to locate a link to the ministry of natural resources: which tells of a range of birch disorders.

In Algonquin Park and nearby, the colour changes of the maple are underway. Today I spied a totally red maple leaf on the ground and I can’t wait until the change is fully under way.

I’m going to investigate what is happening with the birches though. Maybe my memory is failing and all is normal, but something seems amiss in the forest. More soon.

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