Algonquin Park Fall Colours Peaking

Published By on September 28th, 2004 in Edge Insider

Traditional 10 Day Peak in Fall Colours is on now! With the Harvest Full moon on the lake tonight and fabulous bright hues of autumn colour in Algonquin Park, I can’t wait for our final scheduled Canoe Trips of the season.

What perfect timing for a Fall Colours Wolf Howl this coming weekend.

I also head out with a large group of lucky people who have scheduled their Fall Colours Algonquin Adventure with us. We’ll be canoeing on North Tea Lake, while our Algonquin Park Wolf Howl Canoe Trip heads into Craig Lake, home of the Nahma Pack made famous by wolf researchers the Theberges!

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to get to Algonquin, the colours are here and they are beautiful, best viewed from the lake in a canoe. Hope you get a taste of the magic this fall.

42 Northern Edge Algonquin paddlers on the water this week, but all of them getting the special attention they deserve. No more than 7 guests are in any canoe trip camp group.

Special thanks to Terry Graham and the folks at Canadian Wilderness Trips who contribute to the special nature of life at the Edge.