Aren’t We Lucky

Published By on October 28th, 2004 in Edge Insider

Looking over the 90 photos we took yesterday reveals a busy day in Budapest: The Terror Museum, Hero’s Square, Budapest Zoo, Dinner by the Danube and the Budapest Folk Ensemble on stage. Although we did not take any photos at the museum, it was the most emotionally charged part of our day. The museum highlights the history of occupation and terror that was every day life in Hungary from 1944 (when Hitler invaded) to 1989 (when at last Hungary returned to a true democracy after years of trying to remove the Russian Occupation that ensued after WWII). The whole experience made us thankful beyond measure for the ability to live in a country with diverse thought and elected government. Although often underappreciated and scorned, our elected officials are saints compared to what others endure. My quick stint as a political candidate based near Algonquin Park, in provincial elections would not have been possible here where at times voters were faced with the choice of candidates chosen exclusively by the communist party.

Hero’s Square is the site of many military parades celebrating communism. However, the statues at the square detail over a thousand years of history with larger than life statues of the kings and heros of Hungary. A beatiful photo spot. Tim climbed up next to the huge horses in the centre of the square. The zoo was comparable to most any zoo in the world. Here we turned the camera over to Tim.

As night fell over Budapest we enjoyed a dinner by the Danube watching darkness set and the beautiful lights of Buda come to life. Later we walked over to the theatre for a a wonderful demonstration of Folk Dances from around Hungary – sort of a River Dance meets at the Danube. It was well appreciated by all.

After nine modes of very convenient transportation and a very busy day we made it home on the second last bus departing for Buda Hills, site of our hotel.