Final Night falls in Budapest

Published By on October 29th, 2004 in Edge Insider

It’s the end of our holidays and we are looking forward to returning home and sharing more detail with our friends and family about our wonderful visit to Budapest.

But first, tonight it’s off to a Halloween Party with a fellow we met at the conference last week. Jay works with young people in Serbia and teaches at the University of Budapest. He used to be a pantomime artist in North America, so he says he has plenty of costumes.

Today Em and Martha went to lunch with Hava, who organized the conference Martha presented at. Later they caught a presentation at a midwifery conference. Tim and I headed to the hills, revisiting the Buda Museum end of Buda Castle (fabulous views) then heading to Gellert Hill Park. Later we headed downtown and stopped by the Opera House and St Stephen’s Cathedral.

Sharing a few of my favourite snapshots from Today:

Fall Leaves falling near St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Tim at Buda Castle overlooking the Parliament Buildings

The Hungarian Version of the Statue of Liberty (after booting out the communists from Russia in 1989.

Doorway to the Sky (my name for this creative pic) and cobblestone road at the Buda Castle.

This is my last blog on our visit to Hungary until returning to Canada. Hopefully you can join us for a Photo Talk about our trip sometime in the next month or so.

Oh, and hey thanks Wendy for stepping up to the mic and receiving our award for excellence in tourism presented the other night by the Almaguin Highlands Economic Development Agency. Thanks, Mark for filling a chair for us as well. The award was for Tourism, but everyone knows we do a lot more than just take folks into Algonquin Park around here.

All the best,