In Hungary

Published By on October 21st, 2004 in Edge Insider

Hello Alonquin Park family and friends. We are in downtown Buda, accross the river from Pest, that’s pronounced Pesht for those in the know. We’ve had a fantastic first couple of days here in Hungary and I’d like to share a picture or two from our journeys around lake Balaton with a relative of Martha’s yesterday. See the In Hungary, Pics Post.

Gabor picked us up at 8 am and toured us, then we spent the evening dining at his house on the other side – Pest.

We’ve had quite a bit of good luck with food so far, stumbling onto a fine restaurant serving portions my dad would have said, “Wow!” to. In addition the homemade noodles by Gabi, Gabor’s partner were fabulous. Two types, one with ground beef and of course paprika, the other with 90% harvested mushrooms from the forest wow.

Of course we were given a wonderful gift of Palinka, a sort of Apricot Shnapps that Gabor made himself. Turns out many, many people grow their own grapes and make their own wine and related products here in Hungary.

Gabor is Martha’s third cousin, her grandfather and his brother, Gabor’s dad, came to Canada in the 1930’s establishing the family roots in the new world. Gabors great grandfather, known to the Fancsy clan in Canada as Uncle Louie had his ashes sent back here when he died in the late 80’s. Gabor took us to the city far in the countryside where he is buried. A plaque sent to Hungary by Martha’s dad Stephen marks the site where Uncle Louie’s ashes are buried with his sisters. We stopped and placed flowers there. Martha’s brother Jim would be delighted to see the flower retailers that have set up shop inside the cemetary as well as across the street. I’m sure its good for business. Location, Location, Location.

We also visited a 1000 year old church with buried remains of an ancient king of Hungary from like 1055. Can you believe it. It was a bit spooky in the church below (the ancient one). Small and cramped, with the giant monasterey only a few hundred years old looming above. High above Lake Balaton. Quite nice.

We also visited a castle on the exreme western end of Lake Balaton. Very nice. It’s set up with a museum and we enjoyed quite a tour. There was a library there with books up to 1000 years old inside. Tim was quite impressed.

Today we head over to Margaret Island in the Danube River. What a site the city lights are at night. This city bustles with life and the old buildings are quite impressive and beatiful.

Hope this helps let you into our world a bit. it’s 4:44 am your time, but we’re heading out for lunch in about 10 minutes. Martha makes here first presentation at the Peace in Education Conference today. She’s a bit nervous and I’m sure she will be at ease once she sees a few familiar faces from the last conference we went to in Scotland. Just seeing the face of her Guardian Angel, local guide, this morning seemed to be a relief.

Emily is having a hard time here with the Hungarian Keyboard, but Tim has it mastered. Every two minutes Em is calling on Tim for help. He adapts well to new challenges like, “Where is the @ sign and how to send, etc…..

Hope everyone back home is well.