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Published By on October 26th, 2004 in Edge Insider

Ok, anyone who has visited us at the Algonquin Park retreat knows that we all have a bit of a sweet tooth. So it is easy to understand that we have been quite enjoying numerous tortes, cookies and other sweets. A stop at the market had us looking for cookies that we often make for Christmas, Kouseth Kifli and Walnut Crescent cookies. Wouldn’t

you know, we found some. . . along with a number of other delicacies.

Those who have ever visited with Martha’s family

over the holidays may have encountered her mom’s terrific mounds of layered pie dough that are just amazing. Well we found those here too, with a twist in the dow. Saw them as we got in line at Moscow Station (the main rail/bus station in Buda) at the pastry store. There are a few of these around. Then just

before getting on our bus for the late night ride into the Buda Hills we spied another Smart Car. These energy efficient, cute cars are the rage here in Europe and will be making their debut in Canada this fall. To call them diminutive wouldn’t sell them short. Up to three can fit in a parking space for one car. I’m not kidding. Tim laid on the ground with hands over head and he was as long as the car. He looks like a giant next to it.

And about laundry. We’ve been here about a week and have built up quite a bit of laundry that needs washing. But travelers beware, coin laundry service. No. Laundromats charge the equivalent of $4 to launder a pair of pants, so a suitcase full of laundry required internet searches and phone calls to locate the Hostel!!

Where, as it may be there was one washer and dryer that accepted the equivalent of $2 a load. We got to do three loads over 4 hours as we had to compete with hostel staff who used tokens on the same machine to do the sheets for the beds! Spent the in between loads time wandering the bustling streets looking in shop windows and hopping on trams. I was quite intriqued by the windows of upper floors of ancient buildings. Some, with plaster falling away and bullet holes from the second world war. Yes the Nazis and Russians made quite a mess of this place years ago. I think the composition of bullet holes and flowers is quite nice.

Another amazing dinner in a basement of a vegetarian friendly establishment as recommended by Fodoors finished off the night. They did well, and made Tim quite happy.

Tomorrow its off to the Terror Museum to learn about the history of war in this country as well as visit the shopping district and St. Stephen’s Basilica. St. Stephen is the former king of Hungary, from 1000 years ago. We understand we may get to see his mummified hand at

the basilica. Fairly unique to have a saint, as the political founder and hero of a country, so we hope to learn more.

One last pic of the Chain Bridge from the Buda Castle Hill, on a no fog night.