Published By on October 24th, 2004 in Edge Insider

We’ve been away from the Edge for a week and I discovered that it snowed back home at the Edge last weekend. Winter cannot be too far behind, as when I called the office, I found Mark was gone to get his snow tires put on.

When we left, the leaves were still holding to the trees flashing their last colour at us.

The month of November it seems to me is the dreariest of months outdoors in Algonquin Park. Little colour besides brown and black and often a rain that is too cold to be enjoyed, and not cold enough to be snow.

I am looking forward to the white stuff falling as we have a number of wonderful winter activies to enjoy.

Looking forward to a few educational visits at the Edge in November as well as presenting at a number of conferences and preparing for some tourism consulting in Newfoundland this spring.