Thanksgiving at the Edge

Published By on October 11th, 2004 in Edge Insider

Thanksgiving and although some of the treetops have lost their leaves there is still abundant colour.

Today, Martha and I went on a bike ride to Loxton Beaver Trail and linked up to the Moose Mtn. Trail for a 1 km hike up to the lookout to take in the last of the fall colours.

At the base of the trail we encountered world champion Black Fly Hunter, Roy Warriner of Trout Creek and visiting friends from Chatham. If you haven’t heard about the south river black fly hunt, I encourage you to check out the web site that Tim and I built two years back for what has become a renowned annual event with results broadcast across the country!

Numerous ravens were calling through the trees with quite interesting sounds that reminded Martha and I of children’s voices.

Although many of the birches have turned brown weeks ago, it is now the turn of the aspen to turn gold, with the lingering bright oranges and yellows of the maple trees.

As we get ready to travel south for a wedding next week and later to Hungary, we are both quite cognizant that we may have snow on the ground when we return home.

In celebration of that fact, we stopped by Jack Pine Hill yesterday in North Bay and signed up for a family ski pass so we can enjoy snowboarding this winter. Yippee!

Upon our return to our home by bike we stopped at the Algonquin Park Access Parking lot to see the lone vehicle parked there. Only the hardiest will be making canoe excursions into Algonquin Park from here on out. It reminded Martha and I of the one time 12 years ago when ours was the last vehicle in the lot after returning from a Thanksgiving Weekend Adventure. My youngest brother Tom was just about 12 back then. He joined us on that trip, now its off to his wedding in Windsor this week.

Time flies when you’re havin’ fun.