Chill November – a Tom Thomson Morning

Published By on November 16th, 2004 in Edge Insider

I stood on the lake this morning after turning the solar panels. Looking at the sky – a beautiful purple-pink blue with clouds on the horizon brought to mind a painting that Tom Thomson painted on our lake. It’s called “Chill November”. Although nothing about this morning was chill, in fact it was downright balmy, the feeling was as if I had walked into the painting.

I have seen many of Tom Thomson’s paintings over the years in the McMichael Gallery or the touring Tom Thomson retrospective that first was done in Ottawa a few years ago. Only two of the paintings have birds painted in them. Both with the famaliar v formation of migrating ducks high in the sky. Interestingly both painted on our lake.

What brought goose bumps to me was the small grouping of birds that flew over my shoulder as I stood and took in this Tom Thomson Moment. Sometimes, not having a camera, is the best way to really appreciate an experience like that.

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14 years ago

that painting you showed isn’t “chill november”. It’s another by Tom thomson though I don’t know it’s name. Chill november is really a chilly painting that is really well done. It has geese in it though it’s not the one with the perfect “V” shape(that one looks funny). I know this because of a big Tom Thomson book that is really interesting. I hope you find the real name. Bye

14 years ago
14 years ago

good eye…. indeed, Chill November is Chill and features geese flying in a V. Chill November painting appears in our video at

It’s not coming to me at the moment the title of this one, however another interesting note, at the Retrospective Exhibit, the only other painting by Thomson featuring geese is called Round Lake, also painted on our lake.