Ice already?

Published By on November 11th, 2004 in Edge Insider

Although it seems early, I constantly remind myself that it is now November 11th, and in the North winter comes much earlier than where I am from (Niagara Area).

I took it upon myself to break out the cross country skis the past few days and head out on an early adventure. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of gravel and rocks that I came across. Its been a wonderful change in seasons!

Also I was very delighted at the sightings of many different species of birds at my bird feeders this week. I crossed my fingers at a chance to feed the chickadees by hand this morning and my wish came true! I’ll look forward to many more experiences doing so.

Todd has a great new contest! Driving across the bridge this morning on my way to work I noticed a sheet of ice across the South River and wondered when it would be time to remove the ice hut from the driveway onto the lake.

Take a guess at when the ice will be on lake at the Northern Edge and send me an email. You could win an experience of your dreams at the Edge! Looking forward to hearing from you.