Weekend Trips

Published By on November 3rd, 2004 in Edge Insider

Now that Martha and Todd have returned from their adventures in Hungary, dates and times for our weekend trips over the course of the winter season are shaping up! We have been busy putting together a poster to be distributed in the local surrounding areas for Martha’s Introduction to Shamanism over the course of the weekend of November 21st. Today I had a inquiry regarding another weekend trip (Fire and Ice, A Winter Solstice Retreat) that we will be offering December 17th until the 19th.

There is so much to do while taking a weekend trip to the South River area this winter season. We’re all getting anxious about our favorite winter activities here at the Edge. Cross country skiing, ice fishing and dog sledding are some of my favorites!

I plan on doing a weekend trip to Lindsay this weekend to witness some Timbersport competitions! A few of us from my graduating class are getting together for a fun filled weekend of entertainment! Should be great!