Winter Algonquin Style

Published By on November 11th, 2004 in Edge Insider

As I looked out towards Algonquin today, the lake had a thin covering of snow which gave the illusion that perhaps there was ice below and winter was here. A little later as the wind came up, the snow was swallowed up by the lake and only the snow on the trees and at the lakeshore gave the impression that winter is near.

I am thinking we should have a contest to see who can guess when the permanent cover of ice will appear on Kawawaymog Lake (Algonquin Park Access #1).

I’ll look out each day and determine the first day that there is full coverage of ice and indeed it will need to stay that way to be the official date.

We generally don’t head out on the ice for skating and the like until the last week of December when about three inches of ice is in place. (That’s your hint)

Incentive to guess? How about $250 EdgeBucks, good towards any stay at the edge in 2005 for anyone correctly identifying the exact date. Only one entry per person. Send an email to Wendy if you would like to enter. Give your full name, email, and phone and I’ll let you know what happens.

Anyone hazard a guess?