Winter Getaways

Published By on November 5th, 2004 in Edge Insider

When I woke up this morning the house was lit up by the shocking brightness of snow. 5-6 cm of the white stuff fell last night, coating the branches of the pine trees in a heavy white blanket and hiding the leaves that didn’t get raked up. Driving was especially tricky, requiring all of my concentration, which often wondered off to the beautiful new scenery.

It will not be much longer until we are able to start setting the XC ski and snowshoe trails at the lodge. Seeing as there is no hockey to watch on TV this year,I am really looking forward to the hockey games on the lake. What a great alternative, taking hockey back to its roots. Perhaps we will get some interest from CBC to cover our Hockey Night in Algonquin games. After all, Don Cherry needs something to do.

My wife is more excited about the new “Zen for Yoga” weekends we are offering. These weekends offer something for everyone. She enjoys Yoga, I enjoy hockey, and we both enjoy snowshoeing and XC skiing. Finish the day with a great meal and a warm drink by the fire, I can’t wait! Our friends are excited about joining us for one of these great couples weekends. We hope that others will come and experience what winter in Algonquin has to offer