World’s Record Contest

Published By on November 12th, 2004 in Edge Insider

Call Guinness, no not Wendy’s dog, and not the beer company in Ireland the World Record People. I’m sure we just set a record for the shortest contest ever. Yesterday evening we posted a contest inviting visitors to our web site to guess the day that ice would cover our lake, gateway to Algonquin Park #1.

Well, today is the day, a mere 12 hours later and the contest was over.

Fear not those thirsting for a contest. We’ve decided it’s best to ensure our next contest lasts a bit longer. So, we’re inviting our web visitors to guess the day the ice will leave the lake in the spring. Ice Out will happen between March 1 and the end of May. Guess the day the ice will leave our lake and if you are the first person with the correct date you will win a $250 gift certificate! Limit one guess per person. Hurry, guess as early as possible. You wouldn’t want to have the correct date, but have someone guess earlier than you. Email your guess to Wendy.

For contest details: there are none. Closest guesser wins the prize. Prize winner to be announced with much fanfare the day the ice leaves.

Hey Wendy, Maybe we can post the list of dates that people are choosing some how. I’ll talk to our web guru about that.

Put your research into action, call environment Canada, hound the folks at Algonquin Park or check the weather reports. Join in the fun.