Algonquin Park Day Trip – by Ski

Published By on December 6th, 2004 in Edge Insider

A hearty group of the Northern Edge family including Greg and Vicki (right) headed out on a bright and chilly afternoon today to ski into Algonquin Park. The sun shone brightly as the eager group of 8 headed towards Craig Lake, site of a dog sled camp that summer staff Chrisine and Scott were camped at as part of perparations for dog sledding season at Chocpaw Expeditions. As the days get shorter we take advantage of any sunny day we can to get out and enjoy the zen of winter. (Megan & Martha at right) This Algonquin Park winter day just happened to be a Sunday when the business of work was put on hold for a few hours of recreation. Yesterday, Tim and I took an opportunity with freshly fallen snow to create a snowman. Tim is sculpting him into a snakeman. He stands about 8 ft tall. I ventured onto the lake close to shore to test out the ice thickness. We’re likely only a week or two away from getting our ice rink prepped for the first public event of the season – Fire and Ice Winter Solstice with the initial clean up and watering that is required to get the ice in order.

We are enjoying a visit with Rob Thomson (Dudly) one of our great outdoor friends who is currently living in Switzerland. Dudley is getting married there in January and his smile certainly warms the main house here at the Edge at least for a few days. Sadly Dudly is a bit disappointed that we cannot go canoeing today. Perhaps in late April (hint for those entering our ice out contest!