Algonquin Park Snow Days

Published By on December 16th, 2004 in Edge Insider

In the northwest corner of Algonquin Park we’re singing, “Oh the weather outside’s delightful.”

As snow continues to fall we are covered in a nice thick Algonquin down blanket. That must mean it is winter at the Edge. Greg has been plowing the roads and driveways here at the Edge and for our winter neighbours. Tim and I constructed a 7 foot high snow man and we’ve gone on many a ski, including one into Algonquin Park to visit our dog sledding friends setting up winter camp. Bright lights twinkle in the darkness as we inch closer to the shortest day of the year – winter solstice, then the days slowly get longer for 182 wonderful days.

Did you share the wonderful meteor shower we had up here in Algonquin land? The Geminids produced some showy sky streaking lights a few days ago.