Baby Arrives amid Zen of Winter

Published By on January 30th, 2005 in Edge Insider

Less than two hours ago, Emily, our eldest daughter gave birth to a baby boy, Aiden Eugene Lucier. Mother, baby, sister and grandma Martha haven’t arrived home to the lodge as yet, but they are busy spreading the word.

Uncle Tim and grampa Todd are waiting for the foursome to arrive some time early this afternoon.

Emily gave birth with a midwife in Powassen, about 40 minutes away from our home on the edge of Algonquin Park.

Vicki and Greg are here too! It was Greg‘s birthday yesterday as well as one of our guests. We sit in the lodge with a half dozen guests here enjoying the Zen of Winter with yoga instructor, art teacher, skiier, snowshoer Jaimie Board getting ready to sit down to our famous Pear Ginger Multigrain Pancakes and all the fixins before heading off for a ski.

It is the sunniest of days, and mild too with temps in the comfy -7 C range, just cold enough for the snow to be perfect for skiing.

Of course on the day one becomes a granparent for the first time, it’s bound to be the sunniest most perfect of mornings.