Interactivity and Back up

Published By on January 5th, 2005 in Edge Insider

We’re excitedly looking forward to a new back up power source arriving at Northern Edge Algonquin today. We often have power challenges in the winter with the shorter days, and our back up generator has been having some challenges…. so we’ve got a propane generator arriving to help keep our batteries humming along and keep me online!

22 solar panels make a lot more power when the days are longer.

Also, although I’m about to get very busy facilitating web development with up to a hundred northern Ontarians, I’m hoping to get some interactive elements growing on our web site.

Folks who sign up for our E-News (see links on most web pages) will soon have access to desktop images to dress up their computer….. Algonquin Park pics and seasonal northern Edge Algonquin Images, and access to Algonquin Park Interior Map.

Also this month, Martha is facilitating Medicine for the Earth Workshops and we’re inviting folks to participate online. Follow the link at her Medicine for the Earth web page here.

OH, I see the generator has arrived. It’s a big boy at almost 700 lbs, so I’ve got to run and give a hand getting it in place.