Babies Breath

Published By on February 14th, 2005 in Circle Stories From The Heart

We are all overjoyed at the arrival of Aiden Eugene Lucier, born Jan. 30, at 7:05 a.m. weighing 7lbs 4 oz. Emily his mom, and Aiden are doing very well.

The story of Aiden dates back to last May. Mother’s Day last year was full of life and death for me. I was spending time with my family, as my aunt had passed away. With so much happening I didn’t notice that I was late…… Upon returning home, I realized that I was pregnant. The feelings I had were overwhelming. Being 41 I was not feeling prepared to have another child. After having children quite young I felt as though I was just starting to feel less responsibility for them, and more time to dedicate to my life purpose. My life’s work was beginning to really pick up, and I couldn’t imagine being able to continue my work, and have another child. I had very confused feelings, and felt as though I would have to put my dreams on hold for quite sometime.

I wrote down all of my dreams, and after having a heartfelt discussion with Todd my husband, he posed the question to me “If you are pregnant, or have the baby why can’t you still pursue these dreams?” His question forced me to really take a look at what I felt were blocks that were in the way of me pursuing my dreams. I asked myself, why I hadn’t been working towards those dreams? Why hadn’t I already begun? At that moment I made a decision that I could still pursue my dreams and have a baby. Once I made this decision I got started with my plans. Shortly afterwards I miscarried. This was a profound lesson for me, and I felt as though this Being purposefully came to give me a boost to get going on my mission. A few weeks after my miscarriage my daughter discovered that she was pregnant.

My belief is that this small child has decided to come into our family, which ever way he could. My feelings for him are unfathomable. He brings so much joy and peace to our home. Many people have mentioned the peace he seems to exude. I have been reminded of some fire ceremonies that I participated in last year, where I held the intention of peace in our family. I believe at some level that Aiden has brought this peace to us.

Emily was quite amazing through the whole experience, and we are all very proud of her. I was touched to have been present at the water birth, and had the honour of cutting the cord. It was all very emotional, seeing this new life emerging out of the water. Nat was our photographer and support through the experience. Tim was also a wonderful help along with Todd gathering all that was needed in preparation.

We were in North Bay on the night of January 29th, watching a movie called “Indigo” about extraordinary children and the healing they bring to the planet. Funny this is when Aiden decided to begin his entrance into the world. While at the movie, we saw the midwife, and the assistant there as well. Timing was perfect. The morning was topped off by the singing of church bells that rang continuously from the church next door, as we loaded Aiden in the car to bring he and mom home. Somehow the bells seemed as though they were announcing to the world that he has arrived!

Take a sneak preview of the beautiful new life and love in our home at I like to think he resembles his beloved grandmother Martha. I am feeling very full by the whole experience. This is a poem that I have written about his arrival. Blessed Be!

Babies Breath

Babies breath, babies breath whispers in my ears…
this is what you wished for , this is who I am.
Babies breath, breathing peace, being peace, sharing peace
We’ve come full circle, a circle dance of life
Babies breath, hope breath, soft breath, tender breath.
New life emerging, new life for us all.
Babies breath, tender breath , timely breath, freeing breath
Babies eyes reflecting, our new selves now.
Babies breath, singing breath, quiet breath, vulnerable breath,
Old patterns breaking, as I hold you in my arms.
Babies breath, innocent breath, loving breath, sweet breath
My heart is singing and dancing with my soul.
Little prince, precious prince, wise prince, deep prince,
Welcome precious peaceful prince, to your family here on earth.


“It’s not what we do, but who we become that changes the world.”
~ Sandra Ingerman, Medicine for the Earth

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