Is Ringo Starr Hip?

Published By on March 2nd, 2005 in Edge Insider

Martha and I were snowboarding out here in Colorado yesterday at Snowmass and we decided to take a walk around the village for a little shopping.
As Martha was looking over a nifty pair of socks, I caught a glimpse of someoone I recognized. Unshaven face and neck, Star earring, sunglasses…
It couldn’t be could it?
When he spoke it was unquestionable. Here is Ringo Starr, 6 feet away from me trying on a new set of ski boots.
That’s right, its outrageous, but Ringo was trying on Ski Boots!

It was then that I realized that Ringo isn’t all that hip after all. Otherwise, he’d have had a snowboard strapped to his feet!

We had a grand day at Snowmass! Today Martha visiting with a school friend in Vale, Co- with a bit more riding.