Algonquin Park Access #1 Ice Out!

Published By on April 13th, 2005 in Edge Insider

The ice still covers the lake at the #1 access to Algonquin Park (Kawawaymog Lake). We get quite excited at this time of the year and most folks ’round here come up with a guess as to when the ice will be out.

Well it’s sure to be less than 10 days away. Over dinner a few nights ago we all put in our guesses. Todd picked the 18th of April, in the evening while other guesses dropped between this date and the end of the day on the 22nd of April.

We’ll be sure to drop a note when the time comes. To get a sense of what awaits the anxious paddler take a peak at our movie from last spring. It’s a big one, but I think you’ll enjoy “Let’s Go!” a three minute Real Video Flick. Link to it from our new home page for Algonquin Park Adventure:

Also new this week, we’ve posted a new site for our retreats. Learn more about what we do at the nature retreat at this fresh site:

On the nature side, we’ve seen quite a few deer the past few days, and a few early spring flowers peak out of the ground. The gulls have been circling for weeks waiting for ice out and a number of spring birds including Canada Geese, Golden Eye, Loons, Heron and others are around for those who know where to look.