Eastern Swallowtail Butterflies emerge

Published By on June 2nd, 2005 in Edge Insider

I hope to post a picture later today of the masses of swallowtail butterflies that have emerged here in the northwest corner of Algonquin Park. Their yellow and black coat is striking. Their dance in the air, graceful and flirting. Their emergence tells me its almost time for the great Snapping Turtle Egg Laying. Along our roadway to Algonquin Park this time of year, dozens of turtles come up near the roadway to burrow a hole and deposit their pingpongball-like eggs.

OK, so it’s more difficult than I thought. With hundreds of butterflies circling the lakefront I snapped off a dozen pictures. Here is the best one. Now I’ve got a new phrase for trying to vainly capture the complete beauty of any single moment in time.

From now on I’ll say, “It’s like trying to photograph a butterfly!”