Hurray for Dragonflies

Published By on June 7th, 2005 in Edge Insider

The South River Black Fly Hunt wrapped up this weekend in the northwest corner of Algonquin Park. Keep an eye on the Weather Channel for an upcoming feature from South River. Since the hunt is over, it’s only appropriate for the gunship-like dragonflies to emerge. Earlier this week, the beach here was covered in eastern swallowtails, but yesterday the dragonflies came ashore en masse, like swarming the beach at Normandy.
Dragonflies creep on the sandy bottom of lakes and ponds for up to seven years as creepy crawlies dining on food in the water. When it’s time to mate, they emerge by coming ashore and climbing to a sunny, breezy location. Then they emerge from their exosceleton by popping out of their shell – it’s like a hatchback.
After drying their wings and spreading out, the dragonfly feasts on whatever is in the air! At this time of the year it means that mozzies and black flies had better beware.
A sky full of dragonflies is a wonderful sight to behold for its a sure sign the spring bug population will soon be in a steep decline in Algonquin Park.