Introduction to Sea Kayaking

Published By on June 25th, 2005 in Edge Insider

We were introduced to our new sea kayaks this weekend. Tim, Martha, Todd, and Natalie went sea kayaking with our brand new sea kayaks which will get lots of use this summer on our Quest for Balance Yoga and learn to sea kayak retreats as well as our New Algonquin Park Sea Kayaking Trips. Tim was so excited he decided to head out again for another learn to kayak session with sometime guide at the Edge, Chris Mortimer this afternoon.

It’s an absolutely perfect Saturday afternoon at the Edge. I’m sure Cindy and her guests are enjoying of first Morning Tea with Moose Canoe trip this weekend too. There have been plenty of moose about.

This morning, my first run in twenty years was redirected, when I happened upon a black bear on the One-a-Day trail. Not sure if I was to learn that I should rethink running, of if the bear sighting was a reward for being in the zone. Anyway, enjoyed quite a bit of activity today with my run and sea kayaking, even took time to go for a swim.