Run Forest Run

Published By on June 30th, 2005 in Edge Insider

Tomorrow will be the one week mark of my return to running. It’s been twenty years, and I feel a bit like Forest Gump as there seems no rhyme or reason to begin running again after a near 20 year hiatus from such activities.
New shoes and a surrounding forest make these morning efforts quite enjoyable. If you see me this summer inquire whether or not I’m still at it.
Following the long weekend, Martha and Todd and family head to Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Folk Festival. It’s a bit of an adventure to be sure, with the whole gang coming along in the refurbished Northern Edge Algonqun van.
We spent some time and money getting the van ready for the season and it officially comes out of the shop with a new paint job and repairs today! We’ll be putting it right to use delivering a corporate retreat group out to the Edge for the long weekend. Martha and Todd looking forward to delivering a retreat together this weekend before heading west.
Two new recordings at Off the Grid Radio too! Ch3ck ’em out.